Friday, January 11, 2013


Hola and this is gonn be another post! Obviously lol. Remember TFM? Aka Transformice. A map that I created inspired me to make a TFM story series. I might be posting it on the Transformice forums and actually make it public. Plus, onthe left, OUR EGG HAS HATCHED wellit did that like a thousand years ago, and then grew into a hatchling, then a mature hatchling, then now, an. Adult. It's a water dragon! Blah, hence the name Animal Jam DRAGONscale. Lol

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Back to posting!!!

Yeah I'm posting again... It's almost back to school for some people, including me. Only one more week, and it IS school for the high schoolers... I guess... Christmas is over, and there's New Year... 4 das ago.. Yeah, and there is a new blog mascot on the left. Guess what's its going to hatch into. :P it's kinda obvious, and if ur wondering where I got the egg from, check out DragCave! O.O um it's really obvious now what it's gonna hatch into.. I'm not even sure myself :P well, what color?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I'm sure most of u already had Christmas and I had mine celebrated two days ago, but still: MEWWY CWISTMAS!!! Baby talk :P I hope all of u had some wonderful presents and excellent food... Popcorn canes...  Much better thing than candy canes. :P I'm eating sushi right now... Dunno why I said that.... I no its a short post but WHATEVER and u know the game I keep saying called Transformice? It's a simple yet chaotic game where ur a mouse nd u have get the cheese and get back into the hole. Sometimes there's a shaman chosen to build items to get to the cheese. Lots of times there can be troll shamans, like me. :P Oh, but there's much much much more than that!i can't explain it all to u guys so yeah... Go here (if u have a Flash Player) to begin playing!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hewoooo!!!  Today for me is the night of the 20th. Do any of u know what's probably yet probably not going to happen tomorrow?
ZE END OF DA WORLD!!!!!! At least 200000000 ppl told me, and also my mouth tastes like.. I don't know what it tastes like, but it tastes bad. Also, tomorrow is going to be a really really crazy day for me. Veeeerrrryyy important. Tomorrow is the last day of school before winter break, so we're having a Christmas party at scchhoooolll. My school holds the best class parties. :D no offense to u guys, but it's good. :3 Also, tomorrow is Friday, the only day I get to go on the computer. ALSO it is when I take badminton class. AND.... AND... I cant think of anything else. Oh yeah, I meet the cutest 4 yr old girl Seriah at badminton. :3 Hmm, anything else... Well tell me what u think bout the world ending, why it's ending, and what plans u have for tomorrow in the comments. IM SO STARTLED!!!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012


Hi again well when I went on AJD today, I noticed the layout was different. There was the title, replacing all the tabs below the title was Home and an arrow that showed all the other tabs, and a list of the recent posts, summaries, and comments. It's weird! But I found a way to fix that, if any of you are viewing my blog with an iPad. Just go to the bottom and click the link "View web version". Simple as dat.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Just read this post...

Helloooo! U guys still remember my AJ username, chu714? Kk good, since I haven't mentioned that in a long time. And u guys also remember Jumping ScaryMonkey? Yes, that's good too. I recall that he said once his account got deleted because he wasn't on for a month. I tried logging in Animal Jam (P.S. have u guys seen the new Animal Jam home screen?) and it said something like "account does not exist". Yeah..... Dats why I haven't been able to go to Mangoshapedspace's party today. So, uh, just saying, if it's available I'm going to make a new account... Starting everything over again... With no items... (not even the one mrspider gave meh D: [hes my AJ adopted brother, get adopted at the Pillow Room... Is it still there?]) I can't stand it D: Ok, so if it's not taken I might make the account Cheesypopcor or chu714indahouse or whatever, same password and everything. Well, maybe a different password (and if u guys r wondering why I'm saying this, it's for the hackers that can somehow get into people's accounts =.=) Or worse, I might not make an account at all, since I rarely ever play AJ. That is a 1/11000000000000000000000°00000000000000000000000000 possibility, since I always try to attend events that my fellow bloggers and friends hold. So, I'll tell u the rest of the information in a future post! (username, NOT password, lol, )
P.S. have u noticed the snow I added to the blog?

Friday, December 7, 2012

100% Annoying Brother

Hi guys! It seems like I'm going to post every day. 0.o Okay... Remember how my dad made a rule so that we can't play until Friday? WELL he leaves to work at Sunday night and then comes back Friday night. Last night I was Skyping my dad and I just happened to walk in the hallway to show my dad my violin songs and I forgot that we cant play on thursday and showed my dad the game I was playing. My brother is 100% convinced that I did it on purpose because I am not a 5 year old and I have the knowledge to remember that we're not supposed to play. =.= he jumps to conclusions way to easily, and is a hypocrite too because he always tells my mom not to jump to conclusions and he is doing that himself! Tell me what u guys think, if more people choose my brother is right, I will smack myself in the face and ask myself why I exist. Bye.